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Get Started

To start, you will need to install it and immer to your React project.

$ yarn add synergies immer

You can then import the Synergies package and start using it:

import { createAtom, createSynergy, SynergyProvider } from "synergies";

Basic Usage

Create your first state atoms:

const valueAtom = createAtom("");
const isInitialStateAtom = createAtom(true);

Synergyze your atoms to create React Hooks:

const useSetValue = createSynergy(valueAtom, isInitialStateAtom).createAction(
(newValue: string) => (valueDraft, isInitialStateDraft) => {
// Components that read from the value atom will be updated.
valueDraft.current = newValue;

if (isInitialStateDraft.current) {
// If isInitialState is already false, then the draft will not be updated,
// and components that read from it will not trigger a rerender.
isInitialStateDraft.current = false;

// Every atom is also a synergy of itself, so we can call `createSelector` also on atoms.
const useValue = valueAtom.createSelector(value => value);
const useIsInitialState = isInitialStateAtom.useValue; // shortcut for directly reading atom state

Provide your atoms:

<SynergyProvider atoms={[valueAtom, isInitialStateAtom]}>
{/* Components that consume value and isInitialState... */}

{/* We can also nest other synergy providers */}
<SynergyProvider atoms={[moreLocalizedAtom]}>
{/* Can read from and write to all three atoms. */}

Use your hooks:

const Component = () => {
const setValue = useSetValue();
const value = useValue();
return (
onChange={e => setValue(}